Privacy Policy

1. When You rent a Vehicle from Us, We collect certain information directly from You to determine the terms and conditions of the Rental Agreement that should apply. We may also collect information indirectly through a travel agent, Our marketing and promotion partners, credit card providers or credit reporting agencies.

2. The personal information collected includes all the details We require to complete Part A of the Rental Agreement. We may collect additional sensitive information such as Your membership of a professional association in order to provide You with the correct discount of services. You can choose not to provide some of Your personal details but this may affect the service that we are able to provide to You.

3. We may use your personal information for the purpose of:

3.1. providing the service You have requested and for any other compatible purposes including managing, improving and developing Our business;

3.2. direct marketing such as offering You products and services provided by US, and Our associated enterprises, suppliers or insurers.

4. We may disclose Your personal information to other related and non- related organisations such as:

4.1. Our licensees, agents and suppliers;

4.2. Your organisation if You use Our services under a corporate account;

4.3. Our reward program partners;

4.4 Our contracted service providers;

4.5. Credit card providers;

4.6. Credit reporting and fraud checking agencies;

4.7. Debt collection agencies, in the event of Your default in payment of monies owed to Us;

4.8 City councils and government or private organisations responsible for the processing or handling of traffic related charges or infringements;

4.9. Driver licensing authorities; and

4.10. Government, regulatory and law enforcement agencies where the disclosure is required or authorised by law.

5. We will ensure that Your personal information is kept secure and confidential and is used and disclosed in accordance with this policy by restricting the handling of Your personal information, only to persons authorised by Us.

6. We may give You access to the personal information that We hold about You at any time except information related to existing or anticipated legal proceedings between Us and You.

7. When You request access to Your information You must first specify the information that You want access to, and provide further information to enable Us to verify your identity.

8. You may make the request by phone or by email but if Your request requires Us to access archived material or spend significant time in preparation or research, We may charge You a reasonable fee and will advise the likely fee in advance.

9. You should advise Us if there are any changes or errors in the information You have provided and we will take all reasonable steps to correct the information.

10. You should advise Us if You have any concerns about how We handle Your personal information or if You believe that Your personal information has been handled inappropriately.